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The Bill Cullen Show

It's the show some have heard about but few have seen! Bill's rarest effort, "The Bill Cullen Show"!

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 A special treat for you, the loyal Game Show Utopia visitors! Please enjoy this specialtreat...a nearly-complete (about two minutes or so missing at the end) episode of a non-game show from Bill's radio career. It's "Casey Crime Photographer," a radio series about a photographer who would snap photos at crime scenes and invariably get himself mixed up in whatever went down. Like most announcers, Bill would introduce the show, read the credits at the end, and deliver commercials during the show, but here's the cute spin on how Bill was used on "Casey, Crime Photographer": The characters knew he existed and interacted with him. Bill was basically a character on the show, a friend of the main cast who hung out at the same bar they did and invariably worked plugs for the sponsor into his conversations with Casey and the gang.

So crank up the volume, sit back, relax, and enjoy this special adventure of "Casey, Crime Photographer" from 1948.

Plus, check out Bill's entire career history - with pages on nearly every show!


"Act It Out"

WNBT, February 20-August 7, 1949

"Meet Your Match"

WOR October 13-20, 1949

"Winner Take All"

NBC , February 25-April 25, 1952

"Give and Take"

CBS , March 20,1952-June 12,1952

"I've Got a Secret"

CBS Primetime, June 19, 1952-April 3, 1967
 (regular panelist)

The Name's The Same

December 5, 1951-October 7, 1955
Regular Panelist from August 6, 1952 to January 1953

"Where was I?"

DuMont, September 2, 1952- October 6, 1953

Professor Yes 'n' No

Local run: WFIL-TV, Philadelphia (26 weeks)
National run: Weekly syndication

"Place the Face"

CBS , August 27, 1953-August 26, 1954

(Bill became host on January 28,1954)

"Bank on the Stars"

NBC , May 15-August 21, 1954

(Bill hosted until July 10)

"Name That Tune"

CBS , Sept. 2, 1954 - Mar. 24, 1955

"Down You Go"

NBC June 16,1956-Sept. 8,1956

"The Price is Right"

NBC Daytime,  November 26, 1956-September 6, 1963
NBC Primetime, September 23, 1957-September 6, 1963
ABC Daytime,  September 9, 1963-September 3, 1965
ABC Primetime, , September 18, 1963-September 11, 1964

"Eye Guess"

NBC, January 3, 1966-September 26, 1969

"You're Putting Me On"

NBC , June 30-December 26, 1969

(regular panelist)

"To Tell The Truth"

Daily Syndication, September 1969-September 1978

(Regular Panelist/Guest Host)

"Three on a Match"

NBC, August 2, 1971-June 28, 1974

NBC, July 1, 1974-January 3, 195

"The $25,000 Pyramid"

Weekly Syndication , September 1974-September 1979

"Blankety Blanks"

ABC April 21-June 27, 1975

"I've Got A Secret" (1976)

CBS Primetime,  June 15-July 6, 1976

"Pass The Buck"

CBS Daytime, April 3-June 30, 1978


"The Love Experts"

Daily syndication - September 1978-September 1979

"Chain Reaction"

NBC January 14-June 20, 1980

"Password Plus"

(substitute host)

NBC January 8, 1979- March 26, 1982

(BIll hosted from April 14- May 12, 1980)


NBC  October 27,1980-April 23, 1982

"Child's Play"

CBS September 20, 1982-September 16, 1983

"Hot Potato"

NBC January 23-June 29, 1984

"The Joker's Wild"

Daily Syndication- September 1978-September 1986

(Bill began hosting in 1984, originally as a substitute host, but as a full-time emcee by September)


Bill's Unsold Pilots

"Quick as a Flash"
Taped in 1952 for NBC

"The Choice is Yours"

Taped November 20, 1970 for ABC

"Says Who"

Network Unknown, taped in 1971

"Caught in the Act"

Taped November 10, 1975

"How Do You Like Your Eggs?"

Taped for QUBE Cable Network, March 23, 24, 30, 31, 1977

"Decisions, Decisions"

Probably taped in 1979 for NBC

Punch Lines

Taped December 30, 1979 for Daily Syndication


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