Says Who?






Chet Gould


Bob Stewart

"Would Betsy Palmer be shattered if she caught her husband with another woman? Anne Meara might have to supply the answer to that question! What does Peter Lawford consider to be more important than sex? Bill Cullen might have to supply that answer! It happens on Says Who!"


Two great emcees, one hosting and one playing, and both suffered back injuries from carrying this pilot.


Two teams compete with two celebrities and one contestant on each, all men vs. all women. Geoff asks a personal question to one celebrity, and that celebrity answers, either as themselves or what they think the other celebrity on their team would say, and locking in that decision as they do so. To mix things up, they occasionally have a celebrity choose between answering as one of their two celebrity opponents.


The celebrity's two teammates then individually lock in their guesses as to whom the celebrity was being when they answered. If one teammate locks in a correct answer, the team wins $50. If both teammates locked in the correct answer, the team wins $150. The first team to accumulate $300 wins the game and plays the bonus game.


For the bonus game, Geoff reads the contestant a series of five subjects given to the celebrity partners before the show. For each subject, Geoff reads an answer given by one of the two celebrities. The contestant makes their decision, and for the first correct guess they win $20. Each successive correct answer doubles the money until all five subjects have been played. If the contestant gets 5-for-5, they win $320 and a bonus prize.


Interestingly, producer Bob Stewart seems to be gunning for a primetime slot for this show. The contestants play for the entire show and switch partners for each game until time runs out, which read like the rules of a lot of nighttime games of the 60s and 70s.


This is not a good game, simply because the easiest thing in the world is to answer a question as yourself, and that's what the celebrities are doing virtually every time. In this pilot, it's not even very interesting when the celebrities have to answer as someone else, mainly because one of the celebrities sort of stands out from the group. Bill, Anne, and Betsy had all worked together in some capacity previously, but Peter sort of seems to be on the outside looking in, and the contestants pick up on this. On the questions where the women have to answer as one of the men, the contestant immediately picks Bill.


Bill is his usual good self, and Geoff, in what by all accounts is his first go at emceeing, comes across as a little nervous, but making progress. He's a tad repetitive in the bonus game ("If you get five out of five...You picked Betsy and Betsy said...") but the potential is certainly there. He doesn't even let mistakes stand in the way. He accidentally says "Betsy Cullen" at one point, but once the teasing is out of the way, he picks up and moves on rather nicely (as opposed to letting the mistake snowball and screwing up for the rest of the show). Not a good show, but it's a good start for its young host.