Local series: Circa 1974-75
National series: July 7- November 26, 1975


Local series: KTLA-TV Los Angeles
National series: ABC Daytime


John Harlan


Ralph Andrews Productions and the William Carruthers Company

"This week, (four celebrities) are here to play television's most challenging game..."

Tom's first hit was back in a new form, with double the celebrities and 25 times the cash.

Two contestants compete with the help of a four-celebrity panel. The panelists are shown the name of a famous person, character, or place. One of the contestants selects a panelist, who gives the same kind of clue as seen on the original series.

The contestant has 10 seconds to guess the correct name for $200. If they fail, the opponent selects another panelist, hears another clue, and guesses for $150. A wrong guess goes back to the original contestant for $100, then back to the opponent for $50.

The first player to accumulate $500 or more wins the game and goes to the Bonus Board for $10,000. Contestants remain on the show until losing twice or accumulating $20,000 or more.

For the Bonus Board, the contestant now must give clues to the celebrities. The contestant is allotted a maximum of six clues to convey four famous names. One name wins $500, two names wins $1000, three names wins $2000, and four names wins $5,000. The contestant can take the money and run at any time, but if they fail to convey a name with their final clue, they lose all the money accumulated to that point.

But if a contestant could, in Tom's words, "go four-for-four," conveying all four names in only one clue apiece, s/he wins $10,000.

Before audiences in Ona and Bergoo could see "You Don't Say!", viewers in Los Angeles got a chance to watch a local version of the series on independent station KTLA (the same station that launched the original series in the early '60s).


There are no tapes of the series to speak of (that we know of), but thanks to the Encyclopedia of TV Game Shows first edition and one of its authors, Fred Wostbrock, we have this selection of photos.

Tom's role changed at some point in the KTLA run. He was emcee at some point, but he was also (probably early in its run) a regular panelist on the show, while Los Angeles radio legend Clark Race served as regular emcee for a time. Also interesting to note is that during this local run, Tom was simultaneously involved with three different game shows: "You Don't Say!" on KTLA, "Name That Tune" in syndication, and "Split Second" on ABC.


Courtesy of Mike Klauss. This photo shows you what Tom looks like when he has his other arm extended.

Two excited contestants. One excited host. What more could you ask for?
In THIS photo? Tom's likely just glad the logo hasn't fallen on his head.
The same excited contestants and host as before - plus some excited celebrities. You'd be excited to to be in a Black & White photograph too.
We're happy that you're happy, Tom.

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